Animal Care

Topic: The best way for parents to make the children learn about responsibility is to have children care for an animal.

Nowadays, people’s purpose of feeding animals in their home differs from that was used to be. Some parents let their children to take care of the animal in order to teach them to learn about their duty. This bright new way of teaching is beneficial to children.

In the daily feeding, children would act as the pet’s parents. They would bring food when the pet is hungry, help the pet when it has a problem and so on. These seeming basic stuffs could make children know about the role of the parent and the responsibilities they have. Everytime when children have conflict with parents they may remember the relationship between them and their pets. They may think over the whole event in their parents’ role and at last understand their paernts. On the other hand, when children teach their pets, their role would change to a teacher. By facing the hardships and duties while teaching the pets will in return restrict themselves to behave well in the classroom. By learning useful moral principle while, at the same time, having fun with pets, children will definately acquire great benefits.

Furthermore, most animals can not live as long as humanbeings. Funerals seem to be an essential special event to kids. They will realize how fast the time could flow and how precious it is to stay with the ones they love. It will deepen children’s consciousness of their responsibility to repay their parents. Sometimes animal is part of the family. Its short term life could teach children a lot of things about dities in the relentless reality.

But what parents shold pay attention to is that pets sometimes will bring some communicable diseases to the family. And most of the time children will be the closest one to the animal. Their immune system is not built up completely so that they will catch diseases more easily than adults. If parents could not make sure that the place they live is clean and safe enough for pets, it seems that to let pet leave children is a better choice

In conclusion, raising animals to teach young children to learn about responsibilities is absolutely a good and pleasant way. But it must be based on the security of children.

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