Children’s own future

Topic: Many people say that parents today spend too much time helping and determining their children

Nowadays, more and more parents started to help their children to build up their future in order to assure that their children will live in a happy life. Because parents have been in this world longer than their children, which means parents have more experience, so that parents would direct their children to avoid the mistake that their parents made. However, some children would like to decide their own future and to be on their own way while facing various choices. As far as I am concerned, in different stages, the answer is different.

When a child is young, from birth to twelve years old, the choice have to be made by their parents. For young children, they merely know nothing about the world and the reality. Furthermore, a lack of information pipeline is available to them. For instance, I always hear that young children determine to be a scientist or a doctor. But in fact, few of them could be on this track and at last become a scientist or a doctor. This reflects that children think the life is too easy and everything is also not difficult to achieve. They only choose what they look or think good, but do not care about the hardship they will face at all. In this stage, childhood, parents have to decide for their children.

As children grow older, they may enter a stage called boyhood or girlhood. In this stage, children are getting to know the world. Parents may lead their children to pick up one or more interests such as literature, art, science and so on. Children may decide their future with these basic hobbies. When Bill Gates was in this stage, he picked computer to be his aim and step by step become a professional programmer and at last he achieved success. I conclude, in this period of children, parents’ roles are the tutor.

In this age, when children attain full age, it does not mean that they are completely independent. Most of the children have to further their studies in university or college; that is to say, children in this stage still have to rely on their parents. However, it is the very time to pass the right of judgment to the children. Children as adults, having known much about the society and reality, could determine what they will do in the future.

To hold too tight about children’s future will block them from being independent. And, the same, if parents do not care their children at all, their children will be lost which is not good for them either. In conclusion, parents should act the right roles in different stages of their children.

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