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  1. My zipcar account got terminated for non payment. It said that rectification of the overdue funds is left up to me to rectify. I tried calling the help center for the information and they know nothing about that or who to direct me to. Does anyone here know who I contact, so I can pay the money? I’m about to switch to another rental service. I just like zipcar because it was so easy to use

  2. I got into a minor ding with one while driving. There was ZERO damage to my ZipCar, nothing at all, and only a light scratch on their other persons car. I was paying the full waiver and was cooperative and they still banned me anyway. Awful and unresponsive customer service and their insurance company are total and mean jerks that were not helpful at all. What’s the point of paying a waiver and being super careful if they still kick you off it forever anyway for one little thing?

    There are other and a little better alternatives now with better, cleaner cars, prices, and customer service such as Turo.com, Sixt.com, silvercar.com, etc, so I’m not too devastated.

  3. I had an email from zipcar saying that I damaged the car and my account suspended, which I haven’t. I rented for an hour and half. I also had a friend next to me. Honda CRV , smooth drive, came back to parking lot, nicely parked. Not even a small dent. I usually record a video before the ride, and take pics, just to be safe. Deleted the video and pics completely after 10 days. I have rented the car on may 3rd, and received an email on May 23 saying that there were damages and my account suspended and claim number, etc. ( after 21 days) I have called and spoke to 5 people. Non of them was able to explain the damages. Email them 3 times, still no feedback. They kept saying supervisor working on this and he or she will contact me in 3 days… 10 days already, no one called or emailed. I have paid full damage fee. one is you pay 9 bucks and another one you pay 2 something dollar every time you rent. But , still my issue is not the money, I hate being blamed on some kind of accident that I haven’t done.

    1. Thank your for sharing your experience. I am sorry to hear that. Yeah, I know it sucks when one is blamed for something that is not his/her fault. I wish these replies could make some small dents on how zipcar serves their loyal clients.

    1. Yeah. I believe that it is possible to reopen the account after one year from the date of service cancellation/suspension. They did mention this in their email. Unfortunately, I blacklisted them too and have never got a chance to try.

  4. Does anyone know what happens to your credit and/or driving records once Zipcar suspends the membership? Has anyone every experienced this?

  5. It has been 3 months now, still my account is suspended. I had a fatal car crush while driving the zipcar. Luckily none was hurt. I was not paying monthly insurance fee, So I paid $1000 since the car was completely crushed. They should improve on their terms and conditions because the levels of incidents are different, so the rules should be. But still the best way to rent a car under 25 in the US😆

    1. I am sorry to hear about your accident and am glad that you are okay. Yeah, depending on the severity of the accident, the time for their investigation might be different. You brought up a very good point. ZipCar does not “DISCRIMINATE” people under 25 (i.e. no extra charges) and that was one of the reasons I chose it. Whatever you hear back from them, always drive safely buddy ;).

  6. Haha, I am in the same predicament (scratched car while in the tight parking space they put the car in); I am expecting the same result… was this in USA? How many reservations/miles did you have?

    1. Hi Steve, I am sorry to hear that. This did not happen in the USA. I had around 10ish reservations and could not remember the miles. Do not lose hope. I am sure that they have been improving their business models. And all of their cars have scratches. This is much better than clipping a side mirror or having dents on the bumper. I wish that you can keep driving their cars. Please do let us know when you hear a final decision from them.

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