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2015年2月28日IELTS General考试回顾


Parthas Menethil原创,转载请注明。谢谢。

关于跑步的。一个叫Patrick的人想报长跑活动,问情况。没位置了要等,要带防蛇kit,帐篷要和说同一种语言的人住在一起,每天必须至少吃xxx卡路里的食物否则会有penalties。 Continue reading “2015年2月28日IELTS General考试回顾”

Regex filter visible characters with character class


"[^a-zA-Z0-9 -/:-@\[-`{-~]"


Recently a task was put on my desk which I needed to write a regex to filter out all non-readable characters from . In other words, only alphabetic, numeric and symbolic characters are allowed in that field. Well, I did not find anyone wrote this kinda of regex on the internet and came up my own one:

"[^a-zA-Z0-9 -/:-@\[-`{-~]"

All characters meets the above regex will be replaced with an empty string. Though it can be more simple, for compatibility, I just isolated the symbolic part from other two parts (alphabetic and numeric). The symbolic part is not continues and has several chunks coz those chunks are not continuous on the ASCII table. Please feel free to use it and leave your comment below.